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Equipment for exhaust cleaning is used for processing the exhausted gases formed during electroplating. The design of the equipment can be made according to the customer's preferences, as well as according to the category of exhaust gases, acid, alkali components and other toxic substances. The exhaust gas having passed the cleaning process on the equipment gets toxic properties, and becomes harmless. Equipment for exhaust cleaning fully complies with quality standards and norms of legislation on environmental protection.

General view of the equipment



Technical description and specification of the equipment for exhaust cleaning

Blower 5 hp
Blower  10 hp
Ventilation pipes 1 set
Water pipes 5" 1 set
Scrubber water washing air exhaust system
Circulating water tank 1 pcs.
The platform for the inspection of fresh air metal ladder, platform, control window
Control panel 1 pcs.
Tank for treatment chemicals adding 1 pcs.
Tube holder for ventilation pipes       1 set
PH meter 1 pcs.


Technical characteristics of equipment for exhaust cleaning

Model FTQ-1000 FTQ-1200 FTQ-1400 FTQ-1600 FTQ-1800 FTQ-2000 FTQ-3000 FTQ-4000
Air flow, m3/h 3000 6000 7500 10000 15000 20000 30000 40000
Scrubber Dimensions, mm Ø1000x3100 Ø1200x3600 Ø1400x3800 Ø1600x3900 Ø1800x4000 Ø2000x4250 Ø2500x4500 Ø3000x4800
Blower Model 4A 5A 6A 6C 8A 8C 10C 12C
Water pump Model 32FS-10-15 40FS-12-15 40FS-15-15 50FS-20-15 50FS-25-15 50FS-30-15 65FS-40-15 80FS-60-15
Cleaning efficiency Single scrubber: 90-93%
Double scrubber: 92-95%