TMA Heading and Cold Forming Tooling. Factors affecting the tool life of cold heading tools. Cold heading dies, punches, thread-rolling dies for rolling threads on machine bolts, self-tappers and screws. Heading and extrusive dies with carbide inserts, cutting dies. Taiwan machine tools and supplies on global market.
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Taiwan Metiz Alliance is an ISO 9001 certified supplier of high quality stamping, rolling and thread rolling tools. Punches, cold heading dies are offered for production in accordance with customer drawings from high-quality tool steels of Japanese or European production with the use of progressive types of coatings of working surfaces. Before delivery, the instrument undergoes inspection control on high-precision measuring equipment.

The products are ISO9001: 2000 certified since October 2002 and ISO9001: 2000 certified since October 2005, and also licensed by TFS Fastening Systems LLC of TORX / TORX PLUS Header Tool License since May 2000 and licensed by Acument Global Technologies of Torx Plus Header Tool License since May 2007 Differs in reliability, functionality and ease of use, therefore it is in great demand in the world market and in Taiwan.

The high quality and prices moderateness of the Taiwanese instrument is due to a combination of several reasons:

  • extensive experience of Taiwanese manufacturers in the production of fasteners;
  • use of imported tool steels and hard alloys from Japan and Germany with strict input control of raw materials;
  • equipping with modern and high-tech EDM machines, vacuum furnaces, CNC metal-working machines; the use of modern computer programs for tool design;
  • application of the latest global trends and technologies in the design of tools and equipment (segmented and prefabricated dies, reinforcement with special hard-alloy inserts, the use of a bandage, etc.);
  • application of wear-resistant coatings: titanium carbides and nitrides and others;
  • affordable cost of tools and equipment due to high competition among manufacturers;

Machine Tools and Supplies

First Punch for screws and self-tapping screws
Second Punches under Phillips, Pozi Standards
Cold Heading Die for the body and neck shape of screw forming
Trimming Die for the head of screw forming
Segmented Hex Socket Dies with Sleeve
Carbide Six Lobe Socket Dies
Segmented Dies For Nut
Cutting Knife
Heading punches for bolts, nuts, parts
Carbide Torx Punches
Plane thread-rolling dies for screws, bolts, self-tapping screws
Cylindrical thread rolling dies for various type of threads
Cold forming roll taps for thread rolling machines
Nut Tap for Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Hot Forging Nuts
Diamond Dies for wire drawing equipment
K.O. Pin and Ejectors for extraction of finished fasteners from molds
EDM & Preforms for precision stamping
Tungsten carbide tools


  • punches (for heading different species of slots: marking, forcing, piercing); punches for cold-forging in accordance with Standards JIS (Japan), ANSI (US), DIN (Germany), Phillips, PozyDrive, Torx, punches for hexagon and square headed metal hardware, special punches according to customer’s drawings for heading irregular metal hardware; first pass punches the; slugger punches;
  • carbide tools for cold heading (knives, cutting plugs, matrices for cold heading presses, cutting matrices, reducing matrices, tungsten carbide inserts and cores); matrices for cold forming, heading, tungsten carbide drawing dies; heading and extrusive dies with carbide inserts. 
  • ejecting, stuffing devices; cutting knives; ejecting punches (ejectors), extrusion punches of different shapes.
  • sleeves, holders, slugs; Shearing die;
  • drawing dies (carbide, diamond);
  • flat and profiled thread-rolling dies; thread rolling dies, made in accordance with customers' specifications.
  • Thread cutting tools; burnishers of special structure.
  • thread rolling rollers;
  • parts on customers' drawings (complex tool and auxiliary equipment);
  • machines and machine parts (rollers and wedges of wire feed mechanisms, holders of matrices and punches, high-wear and spare parts to different Types of Equipment).

Second Punches (finishing punches)

Finishing punches Finishing punches

according to PHILLIPS and POZI standards for hexagonal, square and slotted heads, special punches to customer's drawings for heading of non-standard hardware.

When ordering you must specify the following:

  • Material of forged metal products (carbon or stainless steel, or others.) 
  • Appearance of the head of the fastener, standard of forged metal products (JIS, ANSI, DIN, ISO, etc.) 
  • The outer diameter and length of the punch DxL. 
  • Coating of the working part of the punch: TiN (titanium nitride), TiCN (titanium nitride carbide), TiAlN (titanium aluminum nitride) or without coating 
  • When ordering non-standard punches for metal hardware heads in accordance with the drawings of the customer, it is necessary to provide drawings. 
Note: when ordering punches there is a minimum set of the order, the amount of which depends on the type and size of the ordered punch.

Trimming Dies

trimming die
When ordering, specify the characteristics of the trimming die, material of the processed metal products, die sizes, coating of the working surface or detailed drawings of the trimming die.

Punch Ejectors, Extrusion Pins, K.O. Pins, Various Pins

Punch Ejectors
When ordering, please, provide detailed drawings with indication of the material of punches, hardness and coverage requirements.

Heading and extrusion dies with carbide inserts

Die & Punch Cases

When ordering, you should specify the following: 

  • Standard of metal hardware, provide drawings or samples of hardware 
  • Dimensions of the die holder installed in the press or in the multi-position automatic machine 
  • The diameter of the wire (workpiece) 
  • Stamped wire material

Thread-rolling dies for rolling threads on machine bolts, self-tappers and screws

Thread-rolling dies

To order thread-rolling dies you should specify:

  • Material of the metal hardware. 
  • Thread type. 
  • Type and standard of the metal hardware, type of the metal head. 
  • Manufacturer and model of thread rolling machine, the size of the fixing plates
Manufacturing of non-standard thread rolling dies is possible but only while detailed drawings of hardware are provided.

Multi-Die Punches

Multi-Die Punches
When ordering, please, provide detailed drawings with indication of the material of punches, hardness and surface coating type requirements.

Recess Punch Pins

punch pin
When ordering, please, provide detailed drawings with indication of the material of punch pin, hardness, the head shape / type & recess of punch pins you need, surface coating type requirements.



Cold heading tools life depends on many factors:

  1. The accuracy of the equipment operation (precise feeding of metal, precise blanks cutting, minimum clearance on slides, backlashes, beats and in the transfer mode, all bolts and screws are tightened).
  2. Qualifications of the serviceman, who understands how to ensure the accuracy and clarity of the machine operation.
  3. Quality of metal preparation for cold heading (the stability of the mechanical properties, the stability of the wire diameter).
  4. Quality of applied technological lubricants.

The approximate resistance of main cold heading tools for the production of M22 bolts of 30CrNiMo8 (30HN2MA) steel depending on the length of the shaft portion of the bolt:

  • 0 Position: the plug of flying knife of ВК20КС 20000-30000 kg, the plug of bed knife of ВК20КС 20000-30000 kg,
  • 1 Position: Heading matrix with insert of ВК20КС 40000-50000 kg ejecting punch with insert of Р6М5 50000 kg, ejecting punch of Y10А 5000 kg
  • 2 Position: Heading matrix with insert of ВК20КС 30000-40000 kg ejecting punch with insert of Р6М5 20000 kg, ejecting punch of Y10А 5000 kg.
  • 3 Position: cutting punch with insert of Р6М5 (in the body of matrices unit) 40000 kg cutting matrices of Р6М5 in the body of punch unit 2,500 kg punch ejecting punch of Y10А 20000 kg.

Thread rolling: norms of tool life for further planning tools are traditionally installed after production of at least 100,000 kg.

Tool life of thread-rolling dies is about - 30,000 kg of products, thread rolling fixed dies - 30000 kg.

After determining the real toll life to every detail of cold forging tools, tool replacement is recommended, it goes without saying, it certainly guarantees eliminating the ingress of defective parts in the container with finished products.

Approximate tool life of cold heading tools
Tool life, million pcs
Tool name М6 DIN912 M6 DIN931-DIN933 М12 DIN912 M12 DIN931-DIN933
Carbide Inserts for Dies, Punches 10…13 10…13 1,5…1,7 1,5…1,8
Cut-Off Knives 10…13 7…9 2,0…2,4 12…15
Cut-Off Dies 10…13 7…9 2,0…2,4 12…15
Marking Punches 7…9 3…3,5 0,25…0,3 0,09…0,11
Thread Rolling Dies 4…5 4…5 0,8…1,1 0,8…1,1