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U-type nails

Application of U-type nails

One of the most common types of fasteners that has a huge range of applications is a U-type nail. U-type nails exist in a wide variety and can differ in thickness, width, leg length, type, and material. Depending on their characteristics, U-type nails are used for different purposes.

U-type nails are widely used in agriculture, gardening and in many other areas, such as:

  • Wire mounting
  • Cable mounting
  • Barbed wire mounting
  • Pole and branch-made fences
  • Warehouses and fields fencing - to wooden poles, stakes or trees
  • False ceilings to wooden rafters mounting
  • Insulation materials fixation
  • Mattress and chair repairs

U-type Nail Making Machine series RG94-4A

The machine automatically forms U-type nails after feeding the wire. After that, the nails are automatically transferred to unloading exit. The U-Type Nail Making Equipment is suitable for the production of nails of various sizes.

U-type Nail Making Machine

Specificaion of U-type Nail Making Machine RG94-4A

Maximum Nail Diameter, mm3.7
Minimum Nail Diameter, mm1.6
Maximum Nail Length, mm50
Minimum Nail Length, mm10
Performance, pcs/min150
Motor power, kW4
Weight of equipment, kg 1800
Overall Dimensions 2350 X 1512 X 1500 mm