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Application of Double Cap Nails

Double Cap Nails are used for assembling and disassembling temporary joints and structures, as well as for temporary fixings such as films on greenhouses and constructions such as collapsible greenhouses, forests, or ladders.

The lower cap of a double nail perfectly fixates the nail in a tree. In terms of strength, double nails are no different from ordinary nails. The top cap serves as a limiter, not allowing the nail to penetrate the tree completely.

If later a double nail needs to be removed, it is easy to pry it with a nail puller or pliers on the top cap and pull out without much effort. After removal, the construction remains intact and is not damaged. Hammering double nails is the same as hammering regular nails.

Nail Making Machine for Double Cap NailsDouble Cap Nails

This machine is a re-equipped version of R94-4C automatic nail making machine and works with double transmission rod system.

An option to adjust the molds allows producing various kinds of Double Cap Nails.

Specifications of Double Cap Nail making Machine RD94-4C

Maximum Nail Diameter 4.5 mm
Minimum Nail Diameter 2.8 mm
Maximum Nail Length 100 mm
Minimum Nail Length 50 mm
Performance 130 pcs/min
Motor power 4 kW
Weight of equipment 1900 kg
Overall Dimensions 2350 * 1512 * 1500 mm