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History of group foundation


Equipment for the production of metal hardware, fasteners and parts manufactured in Taiwan is the basis for the success of many Taiwanese companies on the international market. Now the Taiwanese companies that manufacture hardware and fasteners control more than 60% of the world market. Only in Taiwan has more than 1,000 such enterprises.

Taiwan - a leader of modern hardware industry. Historically, immediately after the Second World War, the United States placed in Taiwan fasteners production for the needs of the army. Thanks to this Taiwan is now in the first place, the main developer and manufacturer of equipment for fasteners manufacture (more than 60% of the world market of fasteners and hardware products are manufactured on Taiwan equipment), and secondly, a major supplier of sophisticated, high-tech hardware. With regard to the production of simple fasteners, it was gradually moved to mainland China, that Taiwan provides with the latest equipment and technologies.

TAIWAN METIZ ALLIANCE - best Taiwanese companies group of equipment manufacturers for world market of fasteners, metal hardware, automotive and special parts, including:

  • aerospace industry;
  • defence industry;
  • shipbuilding and shipping;
  • energy industry.

The basis of the group of companies of Taiwan Metiz Alliance are companies - world leaders in the field of equipment for metal hardware, fasteners and various parts production.

Taiwan Metiz Alliance brings together more than 26 leading enterprises in Taiwan for the production of special equipment, tools and metal hardware - from metal preparation for heading and forging, heat treatment, galvanizing to automatic quality control and packaging of finished products, cold heading, thread rolling tools and metal for cold heading for complete automated cold heading production.

More than 60% of the world market of fasteners and hardware products made on Taiwan equipment.

Equipment of Taiwan Metiz Alliance Companies is used on the largest plants of the world whose products are supplied to many well-known companies such as Toyota, Mersedes-Benz, Volvo, BMW, Nissan, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Suzuki, Yamaha, aerospace industry companies, as well as many others companies in different industries. A striking example may be the company Apple, whose products are equipped with metal products, made entirely in Taiwanese equipment.


HONESTY, OPENNESS, TRUST. We offer you advanced service for working with us on projects of equipment supply for the production of metal hardware, fasteners, special parts, including "turnkey plants" with the further monitoring of their service and tools providing for their production.

project planning & development
engineering & equipment distribution
machine trial run & commissioning
post warranty service

Why do partners from different countries choose Taiwan OEM equipment?

Main area of equipment modernization in Taiwan goes toward full automation with minimal involvement of human resources. If we look at the plant project (turnkey), the whole production line equipment is operating in automatic mode, using photoelectric sensors, controlled by industrial PC, PLC, often of Japanese or German manufacture or robot manipulator. Product promotion is carried out on the production line by conveyors (belt, roller). Currently, the most advanced industrial technology companies are introducing scanners (spectrograph), laser devices for checking the quality of finished products, with the possibility of integration into the production line, output of data, technical parameters of products to AutoCAD PC format. Scanners resolve problem of automation.

As it turned out the price/quality factor is also quite attractive. In this regard, Taiwan occupies a middle position between Europe and Japan. With regard to the production of simple products, it was gradually moved to mainland China, that Taiwan provides with the latest equipment and technologies. In this respect, Taiwan is a very good platform for modernization of domestic production capacity.

The geography of deliveries of Taiwan Metiz Alliance equipment for the production of metal products, fasteners and components


Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland


Japan, China (PRC), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh

Near East & Africa

Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Iran, South Africa


United States, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico

Logistics and delivery of goods

Equipment for production of metalware, fasteners and parts

We managed to create hard and flexible logistics infrastructure, which allows satisfying the needs of our customers in the field of products safety, conditions of supply and cost-effectiveness. Our partners are certified properly and fully comply with regulations and procedures established by the State.

Our partners are major companies in the field of logistics and are able to deliver the goods at short notice anywhere in the world.

Equipment for production of metalware, fasteners and parts Equipment for production of metalware, fasteners and parts