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Equipment for DIN 931 bolts heading


DIN 931
Hexagon bolt.
Strength class 88, 109.
Coating - zinc DIN 931


М6x30 М8x35 М10x40 М12x45 М14x50 М16x55
М6x35 М8x40 М10x45 М12x50 М14x55 М16x60
М6x40 М8x45 М10x50 М12x55 М14x60 М16x65
М6x45 М8x50 М10x55 М12x60 М14x65 М16x70
М6x50 М8x55 М10x60 М12x65 М14x70 М16x75
М6x55 М8x60 М10x65 М12x70 М14x75 М16x80
М6x60 М8x65 М10x70 М12x75 М14x80 М16x90
  М8x70 М10x75 М12x80 М14x90 М16x100
  М8x75 М10x80 М12x90 М14x100 М16x110
  М8x80 М10x85 М12x100 М14x110 М16x120
    М10x90 М12x110 М14x120 М16x130
    М10x100 М12x120 М14x130 М16x140
Equipment Specification            


Equipment for DIN 933 bolts heading

Product Name RBF10B3S RBF13B3S RBF17B3S RBF19B3S RBF24B3S

DIN 933
Hexagon bolt.
Strength class 88, 109.
Coating - zinc

DIN 933


М6x12 М8x16 М10x20 М12x25 М14x30 М16x35
М6x16 М8x20 М10x25 М12x30 М14x35 М16x40
М6x20 М8x25 М10x30 М12x35 М14x40 М16x45
М6x25 М8x30 М10x35 М12x40 М14x45 М16x50
М6x30 М8x35 М10x40 М12x45 М14x50 М16x55
  М8x40 М10x45 М12x50 М14x55 М16x60
  М8x45 М10x50 М12x55 М14x60  
  М8x50 М10x55 М12x60    
  М8x55 М10x60      
Equipment Specification  


Equipment for DIN 6921 bolts heading


DIN 6921
Hexagon bolt with flange.
Strength class 88, 109.
Coating - zinc


DIN 933


М6х12 М8х16 М10х20 М12х25 М14х30 М16х35
М6х16 М8х20 М10х25 М12х30 М14х35 М16х40
М6х20 М8х25 М10х30 М12х35 М14х40 М16х45
М6х25 М8х30 М10х35 М12х40 М14х45 М16х50
М6х30 М8х35 М10х40 М12х45 М14х50 М16х55
М6х35 М8х40 М10х45 М12х50 М14х55 М16х60
М6х40 М8х45 М10х50 М12х55 М14х60 М16х65
М6х45 М8х50 М10х55 М12х60 М14х65 М16х70
М6х50 М8х60 М10х60 М12х65 М14х70 М16х75
М6х55 М8х70 М10х65 М12х70 М14х75 М16х80
М6х60 М8х75 М10х70 М12х75 М14х80 М16х90
  М8х80 М10х75 М12х80 М14х90 М16х100
    М10х80 М12х90 М14х100 М16х110
    М10х90 М12х100 М14х110 М16х120
    М10х100 М12х110 М14х120 М16х130
      М12х120 М14х130 М16х140
Equipment Specification            


The equipment for the heading of bolts

Product Name RBF19B4SL Product Name RBF24B4S Product Name RBF19B5S

Hexagon bolt with flange.
Strength class 88, 109.
Fine thread
Coating - zinc




Hexagon bolt with flange and pointed tip.
Strength class 88, 109.
Fine thread
Coating - zinc




Wheel bolt.
Strength class 88, 109.
Fine thread
Coating - zinc



drawing drawing drawing
Hexagon bolt with flange Hexagon bolt with flange and pointed tip Wheel bolt
Equipment Specification          



Why do so many partners from around the world choose our equipment?

Machines peculiarities in comparison with machines of other companies

Mehanism RG design material Design, material of ordinary companies
Basic frame Material FCD-60 alloyed ductile iron (Japan)
It has a certificate of quality of the United States in Southeast Asia.
Cast iron 20-25 is cheaper and lower-strength that worse provides strength and stability of the machine during its operation
Crankshaft It was manufactured using a new process and technology homogenized nitriding and polishing It was made by cheaper process of homogenization. 
Crankshaft socket Made from a special aluminum alloy.Patent. Made of bronze (less durable and fast-wearing)
The hollow cutting knife Special Jern Yao patent, easily removed Complex process of shooting
Punch ejecting mechanism Cam-roller type specially designed for high precision
Cam-roller type standard type
Punch holder Hardened carbide SKD-11 Without hardening
Serviceability of punch ejecting mechanism Easy to maintain without taking out of the machine. Must be removed from the machine for maintenance.
Idle time of machine.
Internal self-examination of the machine Automatic analysis of the static and dynamic stress  Without this feature.
Gear Polished. Japan Metal. The gear is made in China
Distribution of lube oil The increased size of the pipeline, promotes good and uniform distribution of oil  The standard system
The accuracy of the machine in the manufacture of products The accuracy of movement within the main ejector of 50mm with accuracy of less than 0.02 mm Inaccuracy more than 0.03 mm
Tool In the company there is a special team for tools and technological process design. It reduces the number of tool units for the production of different products on the same machine.   The company does not have such team for designing tools and processes.
Spare parts The stock of spare parts in the storage of the factory, which ensures fast delivery, if necessary Not the total volume of stock, long time to order and manufacturing
in China.
The cost of spare parts One of the lowest on the market The high cost of parts
Electrical system Imported, CE standard Standard
Electrical system design Design and assembly of manufactured exclusively in Jern Yao factory All is done by subcontractors
Main slide block With copper socket for machine tools 24B Series and more  Without it.
Electrical parts and assembly The design, import and assembly are made exclusively by Jern Yao Partial use of subcontractors
Machine operating Easy to operate and work, saving a lot of time with help of quick-change mechanism (which is a great advantage in the production of several types of products under its small numbers)  Standard on the market
Without these functions

Standard configuration of cold heading equipment for bolts and nuts production

Full name of the equipment components Q-ty, units / Specification
AC engine (4/6 poles) with 6-speed transmission or AC engine (6-pole) with inverter. 1 pcs.
Electric control cabinet with PLC
(Programmable logic controllers), made by Mitsubishi, Japan
1 pcs.
Pneumatic disc brake system 1 pcs.
Wire unwinding device 1 pcs.
Model-S Standard roll-over stand
Model-B Standard roll-over stand
with straightening wire mechanism
Model-A horizontal
Hydraulic juggie
Model-D horizontal
Hydraulic juggie
Model-P horizontal
Hydraulic juggie
Model-T horizontal
Hydraulic juggie
The tank with cooling oil 1 pcs.
Cleaning system from oil mist 1 pcs.
Roll-over 180 ° gear 1 pcs.
Spare parts standard
Working platform 1 pcs.
Operating instructions with drawings of spare parts, electrical circuits and equipment foundations 1 pcs.
Malfunction detection system  
  • Insufficient air pressure sensor
  • Blank feeding error detector
  • Blanks lack detector
  • Circuit error detector
  • Punch ejection mechanism error sensor
  • Engine overload sensor
  • oil, cooling fans
  • Oil level sensor
  • Pneumatic clutch error sensor
  • Pneumatic clutch error sensor with manual control
  • Inverter error sensor
  • Screen for monitoring the value of forces error sensor
  • if the monitoring device is supplied with the equipment


    Taiwan Metiz Alliance equipment for bolts cold heading for the past 20 years is delivered and used on the biggest factories of the world, products are supplied to many companies-sellers of hardware and fasteners for the automotive companies such as Toyota, Honda, companies of aerospace industry and many other companies producing fasteners. The equipment has a special certificate for the whole cast and the base frame, and it is always a feature of stability (vibration) and durability.

    Advantages of Taiwan Metiz Alliance is that our equipment for the production of bolts has the best performance on price/quality compatibility. All buyers have long to check and verify from personal experience that the quality of Taiwan Metiz Alliance equipment is top class.

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    Main plate

    Also worth noting that the prices offered by Taiwanese manufacturers are much lower than the prices offered by the American, Italian and Japanese manufacturers. In the world market of fasteners Taiwan Metiz Alliance has established itself as the most reliable supplier of equipment for the production of bolts with competitive prices. The geography of our deliveries has about 35 countries around the world, including such countries as the US, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Belarus, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand and many others.

    The frame provides absolute stability and a straight forward process of heading. Made of cast iron with nodular graphite grade JIS FCD 55, which ensures its durability.Holders of the matrix are made of stainless steel grade FCD 70 are arranged parallel to each other and can be adjusted independently.

    Blank feeding mechanism Length ejector regulator

    Blank pneumatic feeding mechanism


    The rollers provide blanks feeding for small size bolts heading.

    Hand wheel control allows setting the length of the KO

    Pneumatic type of SACMA blank feeding provides high-speed and stable process of heading.

    Punch ejecting mechanism

    straightening mechanism


    The mechanism of power failure

    Punch ejecting mechanism can be installed on request.

    Motorised correct mechanism provides stable operation of wire rod fixing (diameter greater than Ø18 mm).

    The mechanism of power failure by S-CAM system is controlled by crankshaft horizontally.

    Taiwan Metiz Alliance provides equipment with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 positional forging stations for bolts production of different shape, diameter and length. The equipment supports three modes of blanks feeding, including spring, synchronous and pneumatic modes, fitted with pneumatic clutch and brake, speed change is controlled by an inverter.


    The equipment produces bolts with diameter М3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, up to 355 mm.

    Transmitting clicks

    These products are manufactured on JBF series equipment with 2, 3, 4 positional forging stations

    • The diameter of bolts: М4-М30
    • The length of the screws: 10 mm - 300 mm

    These products are produced on JBF Series equipment with 4, 5 th, 6 th, 7 th positional forging stations

    • The diameter of bolts: М3-М30
    • The length of the screws: 8 mm - 360 mm

    Transmitting clicks provide a secure blanks grip

    Brake engine
    bolts_М4-М30 bolts_М3-М30

    Type of equipment

    Equipment for bolts production

    Stop of bolts cold heading equipment occurs automatically in the case of:

    • fault,
    • the need to clean the blank.
    Pneumatic clutch and brake system

    Pneumatic clutch and brake system maintain flywheel in torsion movement.



    Equipment for bolts production



    Equipment for bolts production

    Note: № n- number of positional forging stations, № Y number of strokes


    RBF Series 2-Die 2 Blow Bolt Former

    Specification of products:

    • Diameter: М4-М16
    • Length: 10 mm - 150 mm
    • Performance: 120-300 pcs/min
    RBF Series 3-Die 3 Blow Bolt Former

    Specification of products:

    • Diameter: М4-М30
    • Length: 10 mm - 300 mm
    • Performance: 40-300 pcs/min
    RBF Series 4-Die 4 Blow Bolt Former

    Specification of products:

    • Diameter: М3-М30
    • Length: 8 mm - 360 mm
    • Performance: 40-300 pcs/min
    RBF Series Multi-Station Bolt Former
    5P, 6P,
    , 7P

    Specification of products:

    • Diameter: М4-М30
    • Length: 10 mm - 355 mm
    • Performance: 40-240 pcs/min