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equipment for descaling

Application Equipment:

The quality of surface preparation depends on the quality of the resulting wire rod wire. For this purpose, the surface of rod mill scale must be removed completely, to create a relief, facilitating capture lubricant provides high-quality wire surface lubricant layer applied as a thin film of lime or borax. Equipment for descaling wire is applied before drawing to reduce friction in the channel between the dies, reducing the effort of drawing, lowering the temperature in the deformation and the magnitude of the residual stress in the wire after drawing.

The surface of the wire before and after processing

The surface of the wire before and after processing


Characteristics of the equipment:

Equipment for descaling wire is designed for pre-treatment, cleaning and coating of the wire:

  • The equipment is suitable for wires of high, medium and low carbon steel.
  • It is characterized by minimal emission of waste acid and minimal cost to the process of removing scale (excluding money spent on line etching treatment of exhaust gases, boilers, civil engineering, etc.)
descaler descaler descaler descaler
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Model inlet diameter

DSD-SB12 + HCDT-1000

Ø7 mm – Ø 5 mm
Ø16 mm – Ø 7mm
Ø12 mm – Ø 7mm

see equipment drawing

Video of equipment

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    Technological descaling line DS-C Series


    descaler Equipment for cleaning by brushes Equipment for washing Equipment for applying coatings pre-lubricating Equipment for hot air drying
    Equipment for descaling Equipment for cleaning by brushes Equipment for washing
      Equipment for applying coatings pre-lubricating
    Equipment for hot air drying


    Technical specifications of the equipment DS-C Series

    - Bending rolls
    - Cleaning brushes
    8 bending roller made of tungsten carbide.
    8 pcs. Steel brushes and a drive capacity of 3 x 8-hp.
    Flushing system Washing in an aqueous solution under high pressure washing solution by filtration. High pressure water pump for flushing from four different directions. Magnetic filter: 1 set
    COATING Chemical raw materials: borax, sodium tetraborate, lime.
    Temperature mode (automatic control), max. 120 ℃.
    Drying Drying air. Blower high pressure max. 600 ℃, Switzerland.
    Automatic control system
    Control panel: The main control panel: consists of a monitor, keyboard, with which you are installing and configuring the parameters of drawing and control units. The main control panel provides access to all functions of the equipment.
    Stress At the request of the customer.
    Operating mode of equipment 24 hours / 3 shifts / 25 days / 80% of effective capacity

    Buyer should prepare on his own:

    А. Electrical connection points to the equipment from the power supply to the electric cabinet of the equipment; from the electrical equipment cabinet to the connection points of the line pieces of equipment including cables, control cables, power cables. The control cabinet should be placed in a well-ventilated and dust-free room.

    B. The water supply system and air: cooling tower, pipeline routing from the tower to the equipment, cooling system, the pipes from the compressor to the compressed air connection points, air compressor.

    C. Accompanying fundamental work and placement of equipment in the factory of the Buyer.

    D. Model of DS-C400 series is a line of integrated descaling equipment, complete with blocks, performing the functions of bending sweep brushes, washing, applying an oil coating and drying. If you are interested in a simple version of the scale breaker model (flexion, cleaning brushes), in this case, you must pay attention to the model of DS-SB series, representing standard descaling equipment.