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Gas or electricity ?

Integrated heat treatment of metals – is the process of changing the structure of steel, non-ferrous metals, alloys on heating and subsequent cooling at a specific rate. Thermal treatment (heat treatment) results in significant changes in properties of the steel, non-ferrous metal alloys. The chemical composition of the metal is not altered. Furnaces for heat treatment of metals are intended for different types of heat treatment (hardening, annealing, tempering) of metal articles to a temperature of 1300°C. There are many types of furnaces, each designed for a specific process, has its technological advantages.

Before selecting a continuous furnace for heat treatment of metal products it is necessary to pre-determine for yourselves the type of heating furnace. Furnaces are of two types: electric and gas heating furnace. To calculate the cost of production is strongly recommended to study the table which shows the calculation of the cost of running the continuous furnace line (Taiwan).

Type of conveyor furnace with electric heating

Furnaces for heat treatment. Completed projects (click to see more images)

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Continuous conveyor furnace

Application of heat treatment equipment

Continuous conveyor furnaces can perform a variety of heat treatment processes, starting with cementation, carbonitriding, tempering screws, nuts, bicycle parts, hand tools, hardening of mechanical parts of automotive accessories, fasteners, chains, bearings, tools and other products and ending with a sharp cooling in oil or water, polymers and salts.

  • Carburizing, hardening of metal products: self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, wood screws.
  • Hardening of fasteners (bolts, nuts).
  • Thermal processing of parts of bicycles, motorcycles, cars.
  • Heat treatment of the hand tool.

Conveyor furnace with protective atmosphere

Description of equipment

Equipment line for continuous tempering of metal products. Model RG-805-4. Heating: gas or electric.

Thermal units

Performance (24 h x 26 d)                           
Hardening of hardware products, material 10B21, 10B25. Bolt size: M8, M10, M12 × length: 50 mm standard ISO 8.8 grade strength. Capacity: approx. 506 ~ 572 kg / hr, 316 ~ 358 ton / month.

Note: The performance is calculated according to the ISO standard, if special requirements, the calculation of performance should be considered 354-400 kg / hour.

Heat treatment units

Conveyor hardening and tempering unit for heat treatment of fasteners, metal products and parts, as a rule, consists of ten components of the equipment.


Furnace line for heat treatment of conveyer type


RG-800A The mechanism of automatic supply by magnetic belt
RG-801 Endothermic gas generator automatic temperature control panel
RG-804 Front tank for cleaning and degreasing
RG-805/810A Hardening furnace with continuous automatic temperature control panel
RG-806 Tank for oil hardening
RG-807 Back tank for cleaning and degreasing (flat type)
RG-808/810B Continuous tempering furnace with hot blast (max. Temp. 650 ℃) / automatic temperature control panel
RG-809 Tank for anticorrosion treatment (level two)
RG-802A Two-channel automatic carbon control device (made in USA) (with solenoid valve)
RG-810C Automatic Control Panel
RG-805-6 Completing the equipment line:
  Operational parts, tools and accessories for 1 year operation of the unit.
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To see the specification of your hardware, click on the appropriate section.


Through furnaces of continuous action

Technical specifications of equipment

The area occupied by the equipment 51m × 2,5 m = 127,5 m2
Space requirements for equipment 61m × 6m = 366 m2
The processing time in the tempering furnace 40-100 min
The density of products layout on the conveyor belt of tempering furnace no more than 118 kg/m²
Water temperature of the washing device  degreasing: 60-80 °С
phosphate removal: 60-80 °С
The amount of residual product contamination after washing no more than 0,3 kg per tonne
Temperature in the tempering furnace 800-920°С
Temperature uniformity in the furnace chamber ±6°С
Hardening furnace atmosphere shielding gas - endogas; additional gas -propane + air
Maximum hardening oil temperature 90°С
Temperature in the tempering furnace 380-700°С
Temperature uniformity in the tempering furnace ±6°С
Tempering furnace atmosphere without protective atmosphere - air
Maximum temperature of the composition in the emulsion
Cooling bath (bath anticorrosion treatment)


Equipment and furnaces for heat treatment

Hardware Warranty

12 months from the date of commissioning of the equipment in the factory of the Buyer. The warranty is valid only in case of defects in design or technological equipment. The warranty does not apply in the case of equipment failure due to improper operation or operator error.


Continuous furnaces

Fundamental works

(buyer has to preliminary prepare the foundation for the equipment placement):

  • Electrical cable from the power supply to the transformer; to the control cabinet; to furnace line according to the electrical circuits and points of connection of the equipment supplier.
  • Water pipes and tubes of compressed air from the power source to the points of connection equipment.
  • The cooling tower, and pumps for cooling water.
  • Transformer.






Equipment and furnaces for heat treatment

Equipment Application

  • Cementation, tempering of screws, nuts, bicycle parts, hand tools and other metal products, mechanical parts, hardening of automobile fittings, fasteners, chains, bearings, tools and other products.

Furnaces for hardening and tempering with gas heating


  • The gas burner is made on the basis of US technology. Exhaust air is removed through the exhaust pipe. The special design of double pipe maintains a uniform temperature. 60% of the heat carried in the heat exchanger.
  • The radiation tube is made of heat-resistant centrifugal cast pipe according to Japanese production technology with small deformation, and increased service life.
  • The temperature is controlled by a pressure that ensures the accuracy indicators.
  • Gas heating system saves energy costs.
  • The heating process is much faster than when heated by electricity. The oven is ideal for mass production


Model Processing capacity for the production of medium-high carbon steel, kg / h Processing capacity for the production of low carbon steel, kg / h The width of the conveyor, mm Inside furnace height, mm Annealing chamber length, mm Maximum combustion, kcal / hr Maximum power, kW
RG-811-1 506-572 413-463 800 100 6000 180000 45
RG-811-2 720-780 546-598 800 100 8000 300000 90
RG-811-3 1000-1100 833-917 800 100 10000 450000 90
RG-811-4 1800-1980 1499-1650 1200 100 12000 690000 135



Continuous furnace for blackening of metalware


Equipment Application

  • Widely used for blackening, continuous hardening of metal products, followed by tempering

Peculiarities of equipment:

  • Environmental security.
  • The heat treatment temperature should exceed 400°C.
  • The best effect is achieved for the blackening of parts with uniform color and good anti-corrosive performance.


Model Through capacity, kg/h The width of the conveyor, mm Inside furnace height, mm Annealing chamber length, mm Feed length, mm output volume, m3/h Maximum power, kW
RG-814-1 750-850 1000 100 7000 2200 60 145
RG-814-2 950-1050 1000 100 9000 2200 80 189
RG-814-3 1150-1250 1000 100 11000 2200 80 252
RG-814-4 2100-2400 1400 100 13000 2200 120 360