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Crushing equipment for scrap metal is the main piece of equipment for the processing of metal scrap. Dimensions of the crushing equipment allow grinding scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with up to width of 2.6 meters. Equipment can dispose without problems a car body as in the whole and in the collapsed state. High feed rate and impact force of the rotating rotor shred scrap to a size sufficient to pass through the grate of the crusher. Scrap not to be crushed, is extracted through a window located in the rear wall of the crushing equipment.


Design and operation of double-rotor Impactor

Crusher Shaft receiving rotation through the coupling of the motor is seated on bearings. Located at the bottom of the crusher grate consists of two parts: the front and back, each of which is a set of grate tapered section set forth in the two rods. Crusher housing consists of two parts held together by bolts. In the upper part of the body there is a feeding hole for the material. Housing walls are finished with plates which protect the wall from abrasion and also play a big role in crushing of the material. Entered into the crushing chamber material is subjected to a quick succession of rotating rotor blows, and falls through the grate holes. The material is then fed to the conveyor.


Impactor Shaft made of wear-resistant steel The hydraulic drive provides high feed rate



dust dust
nonferrous metal nonferrous metal
waste waste
iron iron

Features of crushing equipment for scrap metal:

  • Simplicity and reliability of service, the ability to operate at high loads, high economic efficiency and productivity.
  • Remote control, safe operation.


Specification of crushing equipment for scrap metal:

  • Dimensions of crusher: 60h104 mm - 120x120 mm. 
  • Productivity: 25-400 tons / h.
  • The power of the rotating shaft: 1250-10000 hp