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Straightening wire feeder

Straightened wire feeder Model RPO/RSV-36

Straightened wire feeder

Material: alloyed steel annealed wire, low / medium / high-carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, brass wire Ø36-Ø18 mm (min. Ø13 mm)

The diameter of the coil wire: 1200-1400 mm. The weight of the coils of wire: 2000 kg.

Automatic Equipment for supply and pointing end of the coil wire Model RPO/RSV-20+RCDW-1000

Automatic Equipment for supply and pointing end of the coil wire
Model Range
RPO(D,V)/RSV-20 Ø20-Ø12 mm
RPO(D,V)/RSV-30 Ø30-Ø20 mm
RPO(D,V)/RSV-36 Ø26-Ø26 mm
RPO(D,V)/RSV-45 Ø45-Ø37 mm

Straightened wire feeder

Equipment for feeding and pointing wire is ideal for automatic processing of large diameter wire. Can significantly reduce the processing time of the wire coil 30 min when working on the equipment old samples to 4 minutes using new models of machines.

Straightened wire feeder

The process is a simple wire processing including supplying the end of the blank - compression and alignment - the board - pointed end coils of wire - feed end of the coil wire into the die.

This significantly increases the productivity of the equipment (7 times).

Technical specifications and features of the hardware components

Engine TECO, in Taiwan
Inverter Vertox Flux, Mitsubishi, etc Island, Japan (starting torque 200%, 1 Hz)
Programmable Logic Controller

Mitsubishi, Japan
ShihLin, in Taiwan

Disc brake Sumitomo, Japan
Oil hydraulic cylinder in Taiwan
Bearings KOYO, Islands Japan
Mounting screws The quality level of 12.9
Material spindles Sumitomo, Japan
The quality level ISO-9001


Specification of the equipment for feeding and pointing ends of the wire coils

Specification of the equipment for feeding and pointing ends of the wire coils:

  • automatic stop when a malfunction occurs;
  • automatic stop when wire fault;
  • automatic stop when opening the lid assembly of pointing mechanism;
  • automatic stop during positioning of pointing mechanism;
  • emergency stop function is available.

Technological process of the equipment:

  • feeding the blank ends;
  • compression and alignment;
  • governance;
  • pointed end skein;
  • ends of coils of the matrix holder.


Feeding the blank ends:

  • standard AC motor with inverter;
  • automatic feeding;
  • pedal [Foot] control (feed forward / backward);
  • the feed roller is automatically controlled by a hydraulic cylinder.

Blank feeding is performed using the equipment of the drawing. Available lock system. The feed rate is automatically controlled by the inverter, at the time when the flow rate exceeds the upper limit speed or wire feed deficiency. Pedal [Foot] control for the feed forward / backward.

Feeding the blank endsFeeding the blank ends

Compression and leveling the end of the blank:

  • hydraulic mechanism for crimping x 1 pc.

Straightened mechanism:

  • Straightening rollers of vertical and horizontal type;;
  • 2 sets of that straightening rollers, controlled by hydraulic cylinder.

Straightened mechanismStraightened mechanism

A device for a pointing end of the coil:

  • ½ hp motor oil
  • suited for different diameters of the wire
  • 4 cutter
  • hydraulic cutters to bring in the reverse position after a sharpened end of the coil wire
  • pallet truck x 1 set
  • electromotive saw x 1 set, ¼ hp motor
  • Hydraulic pump: 5 HP

A device for a pointing end of the coil A device for a pointing end of the coil

The range of wire diameters:

  • Straightening wire feeding device.
    Model:  RPO/RSV-36
    Ø36-Ø18 mm (min. Ø13 mm)
  • A device for pointing ends of the coils.
    Model:  RG-13-5
    Ø13-Ø5.0 mm
  • A device for pointing ends of the coils.
    Model:  RG-7-1.6
    Ø7.0-Ø1.6 mm


  • voltage is set at the request of the customer;
  • technical data in the tables above are for reference only;
  • the quality of the finished product depends on the following characteristics: the quality of the wire rod, quality of dies, etching, and surface treatment, the supply of lubricating fluid for a finished product, the presence of additional equipment and experience, as well as the weather conditions (temperature, humidity), which may affect quality and production volume.
  • commissioning work is paid for separately invoiced, or a training option is available for setting up the equipment at the manufacturer's plant for free.
  • Equipment supply, the board and a pointed end of the wire coil.

Video of the equipment

Please take into account that the following items are in the responsibility of the Customer:

  • wiring the electrical system: power supply cable for connection to the electrical panel of the equipment;
  • a pipe for supplying water: cooling circulation tank, a pipe for supplying water from the tank to the cooling equipment, cooling tower, etc. (System cooling);
  • conduit for supplying air: an air compressor, a pipe for supplying air from the compressor to the equipment;
  • distribution and installation of equipment;
  • foundation work.