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TMA second header carbide punches TMA second header carbide punches TMA second header carbide punches TMA second header for HEX Roof Screws TMA second header carbide punchesв second header carbide punches for screws

Here you can order and buy PUNCHES for cold heading of fasteners with slots of standards JIS, JCIS, ANSI, DIN, ISO. In addition, we implement PUNCHES made by the customer's drawings. On the page of the catalog you will find all the tools necessary for heading slots of fasteners with the description and characteristics.

Finishing PUNCHES according to the PHILLIPS, POZI Standards for hexagonal, square and slotted heads, special PUNCHES on customer's drawings for heading heads of non-standard hardware.

Ordering second header punches

When ordering you must specify the following:

  1. Material stamped metal products (carbon or stainless steel, or others.)
  2. Type of fastener’s head, standardized (JIS, ANSI, DIN, ISO, etc.)
  3. The outer diameter and length of the punch D × L.
  4. Coating of punch working part:
    • uncoated
    • TiN (Titanium nitride) coating - yellow coated
    • ALiXCN (aluminum + titanium + chromium + nitride) coating – black coated (increases tool life by 20-25%)
    • TiCN, (titanium carbide nitride) – blue-gray coated
    • TiAlN (titanium aluminum nitride) – gray-blue or dark gray or violet-gray coated
    • Alcrona (AlCrN) ( aluminum chromium nitride) – blue-gray coated, is a titanium-free coating for a wide range of processing and forming applications. Alcrona has excellent wear resistance at low speeds and feeds and under high mechanical stress. At higher speeds where rigidity and oxidation resistance are important, Alcrona outperforms titanium-based coatings with operating temperatures up to 1100°C

Характеристики и свойства покрытий пуансонов

Type TiN (Titanium nitride) TiCN (Titanium carbide nitride) TiAlN (Titanium aluminum nitride) TiAlN (Titanium aluminum nitride) TiAlN (Titanium aluminum nitride)
Vickers hardness 2400 3500 3400 4500 3300
Surface roughness index (dry) 0.4 0.2 0.5 0.45 0.30-0.35
Layer thickness (microns) 1-5 µm 1-4 µm 1-4 µm 1-4 µm 0.1 µm
Coating color gold blue-gray gray-blue dark grey violet gray
Critical oxidation temperature 600°C 400°C 1650°C 1200°C 900°C
Coating characteristics universal coating: good resistance to wear and corrosion, biocompatibility hardness and good abrasion resistance good strength and corrosion protection high hardness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance nanosurface with good thermal stability
In order for non-standard second punch heads of hardware in accordance with the drawings of the customer need to provide drawings of heads and hardware.

In the absence of drawings of punches, we independently develop the design of the tool itself and equipment based on the drawings of finished products and technical requirements (in this case, it is necessary to clarify the size of the seats for the equipment, the model of the machines used and the diameter of the wire used for upsetting fasteners, hardware and parts).

Note: when ordering PUNCHES there is a minimum set of the order, the amount of which depends on the type and size of the ordered punch.

Cross Slot
  • Cross Slot
  • Straight Slot
  • Combo type slot cross + straight

Combo type slot Pozidriv (PZ) + straight
  • cross-type Slot Pozidriv (PZ)
  • Combo type slot Pozidriv (PZ) + straight

Hexagon slot
  • Square Slot
  • Hexagon slot
  • Combo type square slot
  • Slot hexagon combined

Hexagram type TORX
  • Hexagram star type TORX
  • Hexagram type TORX
  • Slot TORX Tamper Resistance

  • Slot TORX Plus
  • Hexagram type TORX Plus
  • Slot TORX PlusTamper Resistance

Slot TORX Tamper Resistance
  • Slot TORX
  • Slot TORX Tamper Resistance

Slot TORX Plus
  • Slot TORX Plus
  • Slot TORX Tamper Resistance

Other PUNCHES, Enjectors
  • Carbide PUNCHES

Carbide tools for cold heading
  • Carbide tools for cold heading

PUNCHES are widely used for marking, stamping and extrusion of materials such as heading slots of screw fasteners, screws, self-tappers in the hardware industry. The slot is used to efficiently transmit torque and head pressure. Now a variety of types of slots are used, in addition to traditional types such as the cross PH / PZ / or straight (slot), other types become more and more popular: Tri-Wing, four-wing, slot with internal hexagon and many others. Taiwan Metiz Alliance complements from a warehouse and under the order with PUNCHES manufacturers heading slots of various kinds:

 Straight Slot (Slot)
 Slot of cross-Philips type (according to the standards DIN - cross type H)
 Slot of cross Pozidriv type (according to the standards DIN - cross type X)
Combined Phillips + straight slot. This is a fairly common slot that combines cross and flat splines.
Pozi combined spline + straight spline
 Square Slot
 Slot square (Robertson square)
 Hexagon (Hex)
 Tri-Wing slot (Tri-Wing)

JCIS slot. One of the most widely used in radio electronics
Combined Torx + straight slot.
Combined cross recess + square recess
 Four-Wing Slot (Torq-set)
 Slot two-pronged fork (Spanner head)
 Slot Triple Square
 Slot Polydrive
 Slot One Way
 Slot "asterisk" (Spline drive)

 Internal hex (Hex socket)
Combined square spline + straight spline
 Internal hex vandal
 Torx slot (Torx)
 Slot vandal-proof TORX PlusTamper Resistance
 Slot of double hexagon type (Double Hex)
 Slot domestic Bristol
 Slot Pentalobular

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