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Thread tapping is a simple, well-known and highly effective method of obtaining the thread. This method provides productive and efficient thread cutting, small diameter particularly, due to short downtime, high speed cutting and long tool life. tapsStandard taps and tap-burnishers have different construction. Important characteristics of each type of tap are: material, covering and geometry. Tap designed and suitable for specific application and operating with high efficiency only on one material, or under certain conditions, cannot provide the same level of efficiency in other materials processing or under other cutting conditions. Taps are appropriate for production of many thread profiles, they are suitable for all machine types with both rotating and non-rotating blanks.

Taiwan Metiz Alliance offers a complete range of taps for threading any profile of different materials. Our range is divided into two lines: taps optimized for handling specific groups of materials according to ISO, and taps optimized for handling several groups of materials.

Taps optimized for a certain group of materials according to ISO are intended for mass production, when threads are cut on one and the same items of the same material, or when unique requirements.

Taps optimized for handling several groups of materials , are appropriate for small- or medium volume manufacturing, when the thread is cut on various items of different materials.


Taps for handling specific groups of materials according to ISO: taps
  • High performance and long tool life.
  • Short downtimes.
  • High-efficient processing.
  • Increased productivity due to high speeds of cutting.
  • High performance due to specialized designs for each material and coatings.

Taps for handling several groups of materials:

  • Suitable for a wide range of materials.
  • Reduces the range of tools and minimizes expenses.
  • Provides stable tool life.
  • Provides stable processing due to unique cutting geometry.

Depending on your specific requirements to the hole we have four different groups of taps.


Taps with chip grooves

  • They are mostly used for processing short chipping materials such as cast iron.
  • Are appropriate for cutting threads on both through and blind holes.
  • Chip grooves are used for coolant supply, with internal coolant supply chip clearance is possible.

Taps with spiral grooves

  • Push the chips forward.
  • Appropriate for thread cutting on the through holes.
  • The most robust construction due to depthless chip grooves.
  • Chip grooves are intended only for coolant supply, and not for chip clearance.

Taps with spiral chip grooves

  • Spiral chip grooves expel the chips from the holes.
  • The best choice for thread cutting in blind holes.
  • Different chip grooves lead angle for different applications.
  • Chip grooves are used for coolant supply and for chip clearance.
  • Tapping on different depths depending on the application and geometry.

Tap-burnishers forming the threads by plastic deformation, not cutting

  • Chipless decision.
  • Suitable for materials with high plasticity. Recommended break point of the processed material is not more than 1200 N/mm2.
  • For thread cutting both through and blind holes.
  • Both with and without oil channels designs are available.

Cutting taps

With standard taps chips occurred during cutting process.


Advantages as compared to cutting taps:

  • Tap-burnishers are more productive than standard taps.taps
  • Ability to handle threads in the holes with 3,5 × D depth, no problems with chip clearance.
  • Tap-burnishers have higher resistance.
  • One type of taps can be used for processing various materials, as well as blind and through holes.
  • Tap-burnishers have a robust construction that reduces the risk of breakage.
  • Guaranteed to provide required accuracy of the thread.
  • No formation of chips.
  • Up to 100% stronger thread (higher bearing resistance).
  • Higher surface quality of the thread.

Taps. Material and covering types of taps:

  • Taps of high-speed steel with addition of cobalt for increase.
  • Taps of powder high-speed steel for durability, wear resistance and tool life increase.
  • One-piece carbide taps for long tool life and maximum performance.
  • Three different coverings are available:
    • TiCN - applied to one-piece carbide tap-burnishers. It combines low friction with high hardness.
    • TiN - universal coverage with low frictional coefficient.
    • CrN - great choice for processing the materials of ISO N group and low alloy steel.taps